Vicki Beseke
Executive Director

Vicki is a graduate of Arizona State University with a Business Degree in Marketing. She has over thirty years of experience in management of high technology companies. For the last ten years she has lead volunteer care teams within our communities. (Pictured Center)

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Kermit Beseke

Kermit is a graduate of the University of Minnesota and Fairleigh Dickinson University. He has an undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering and an MBA in Management. He is a retired public company CEO.

Rosemary Kastrava

Rosemary has lived in Tonto Verde since 2005.  She had a long 37 year career with Sears Corporate in Chicago.  Her last position with Sears was Vice President of Visual Merchandising and in Store Marketing.

Verde Foothills Community


Jerry Kuyoth
Rio Verde Community


Judy Richelsen
Tonto Verde Community


Cindy Krasniewicz
Care Management


Cindy lives in Tonto Verde and has been a member of our care team since 2018. (Pictured Left)

Kathryn Kramer
Transportation Coordinator


Kathryn has been a member of our care team since 2014. (Pictured Right)

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