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VerdeCares award winning Care Management services are unique to each case and are tailored to meet specific individual needs whether a one-time assessment, or ongoing assistance.  Our Care Management team's knowledge of the healthcare process will ensure that VerdeCares can offer our residents assistance in making healthcare decisions.  With the team's oversight, VerdeCares' non-medical service assistance is keeping pace with the rapid changes occurring in the healthcare industry.


VerdeCares will work with your healthcare team, we will assess your needs as they relate to your stay in the hospital and/rehab and discharge plan.  VerdeCares will:
  • Assist hospital care management and social workers with the information needed
  • Visit regularly
  • Advocate Point of Contact, if requested
  • Connect doctor/nurse with family POA
  • Help with the transition from hospital to rehab and/or hospital to home
  • Assist with home health/home PT referrals
  • Provide updates to family point of contact, if requested
  • Provide hospital care management team with referrals to rehab, care homes, and/or assisted living accommodations selected by the patient
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VerdeCares will coordinate services that you may need when discharged from the hospital/rehab.  In addition, we will provide support and additional services to you and your family, such as:
  • Home safety assessment
  • Medical equipment lending 
  • Medication management assistance
  • Transportation to medical and/or rehab appointments
  • Meals, grocery shopping
  • Run errands, home office support
  • Caregiver relief respite
  • Minor handyman support
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Our extreme northeast valley location poses challenges when outside services are required.  For services not provided by VerdeCares we can assist you in finding the right resources:
  • Referrals for skilled care at home (nursing, physical therapy, and in-home caregivers)
  • Local assisted living care homes
  • Elder law resources for advanced directives
  • Assisted living, extended care, skilled nursing, acute rehab or long term care facilities
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