VerdeCares service strategy is to provide non-medical care and support, through a team of volunteers, that gives our neighbors in-need access to the services and activities that promote physical, mental and emotional health.  The company does not discriminate on basis of race, color, religion, gender, gender expression, national origin, disabilities, sexual orientation or financial status.

Volunteer Services

VerdeCares volunteer services serve the homebound, those who can no longer drive due to age, disability, or disease and those recovering from illness or surgery.

There is no financial eligibility.

Sharing Groups

These sessions provide a safe place to share feelings/concerns, learn probem solving techniques, and what's new in education and research.

  • Medical Transportation

  • Grocery Shopping

  • Mobile Meals

  • Nutrional Support

  • Friendly Visiting and Phoning

  • Caregiver Relief

Memory Loss Sharing Group
Dates: First Tuesday of each month

First Tuesday of each month at the VerdeCares office on Forest Road at 3 p.m. Contact our office for more information at (480) 471-8944.



18934 Avenida Del Ray, Rio Verde, AZ





  • Business Help

  • Medication Management

  • Minor Home Repair

  • Technical Assistance

  • Educational Programs

  • Care Management

Macular Degeneration Sharing
Dates:  2019 (call)
Loss of a Child
Dates: Monthly (January - March)

18934 Avenida Del Ray, Rio Verde, AZ



Cancer Sharing Group
Dates: Monthly (November-April)

Social Activities

Engaging in meaningful activities helps us feel safe, secure, valued and can help us stay connected to daily life.

  • Men's & Women's monthly putting and lunch activities for those experiencing memory loss or other maladies. (November - April)

  • Young-at-hearts luncheon - super senior residents get together the third Thursday of each month. We share experiences and aging secrets to embrace each day, laugh often, play, dance and dream! (November - April)


13001 N. La Montana Dr, Fountain Hills, AZ 85268



18934 Avenida Del Ray, Rio Verde, AZ





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