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First, sign up for the Rio Verde Fire District (RVFD) Residential Lock Box Program at the fire district office, 17619 E Rio Verde Drive.  Once signed up, the fire district will install a residential lockbox near your front door which will provide first responders access to your home in a 911 emergency.
Second, complete the Rio Verde Fire District (RVFD) LifeLine document and place it on the top right shelf of your refrigerator in a sealed Ziploc bag.  If applicable, complete the RVFD Prehospital Medical Care Directive (orange form, also known as Do Not Resuscitate Document).


Once a VerdeCares Intake Application is completed the emergency information is stored in a secure database for emergency first responders and need-to-know healthcare professionals.  All information is confidential.
The stored information will include:
  • Emergency and POA Contact Information
  • Preferred Hospital
  • Your Medical Professionals
  • Primary and Secondary Insurance
  • Complete Medical Condition List
  • Medical Alarm System Information (if applicable)
  • Special Instructions for Pet Care


Fire District Chief Jay Ducote Says,

"We see VerdeCares as a partner in fulfillment of our plan to provide emergency support to our communities.  They provide the services that help residents transition from the hospital to home self-sufficiency and this reduces return hospital ambulance trips. VerdeCares proactively helps residents with medical equipment and other resources helping to minimize repetitive calls for assistance.  Additionally, VerdeCares, as a member of our Rio Verde Emergency Preparedness Plan, provides strategic volunteer services to support our Fire District in an emergency.  We see VerdeCares as an integral part of our plan to carry out disaster recovery operations, especially in identifying and attending to individuals requiring emergency assistance."
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