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May is Mental Health Month

Your mental health is just as important as your physical health.  One in four adults experience issues with mental health.

On May 6th (PDF), we'll explore the life changes that impact the mental health of seniors as they age.  Although many people will adjust to life changes, some may experience feelings o grief, social isolation, or loneliness.  See how this can be linked to high blood pressure, cognitive decline and more.
On May 7th (PDF), we will be sharing the signs/symptoms to watch for if you’re concerned about the mental health of yourself or a loved one.  It’s important to remember that struggling with basic tasks isn’t always just a sign of getting older.

On May 8th (PDF), we’ll share some ideas to help you get and stay connected. Everyone needs social connections to survive and thrive.  But, as we age, we often find ourselves spending even more time alone.

On May 9th (PDF), we will learn the steps needed to find out if your loved one might need help. It’s normal to move at a slower pace as you get older, but a noticeable change in mood or memory could signal something more serious.

On May 10th (PDF), we’ll share resources available and treatment options to help manage and improve quality of life.
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