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Fry's Community Rewards

You can support VerdeCares when shopping at Fry’s Foods. It’s easy once you are enrolled in the Fry’s Community Rewards Program. For the program you must have a Fry’s VIP account and you must be enrolled online at Fry’s.
Step 1: Creating a Fry’s online account
- NOTE: If you are already enrolled online at Fry’s go to Step 2 -
1. Go to
2. Select Sign In and then Create Account.
3. Under Sign In enter the requested information and create a password.
4. Enter your Fry’s VIP account number or your alternate ID (phone number).
5. Enter your postal zip code and other requested information.
6. Hit create account.
7. Fry’s may want to confirm your email. If so follow the process they provide so your email is confirmed.

Step 2: Register for the Fry’s Community Rewards Program
1. Go to
2. Select Sign In and sign in to your Fry’s online account.
3. Select Community Rewards program
4. On the Fry’s Community Rewards Page, click ENROLL NOW.
5. In the FIND AN ORGANIZATION box, enter ‘verdecares’ (all one word).
6. See ‘VerdeCares, Inc. LT339’ in Search Results, then click ENROLL.
7. You have completed registration in Fry’s Rewards. Leave this page and go shopping on the Fry’s site or Sign Out.
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