VerdeCares Inc. is a nonprofit Arizona corporation that provides non-medical care and assistance for community residents of the lower Verde Valley.  The organization provides trusted, confidential care.
VerdeCares caring support is offered through a team of trained community volunteers. neighbors helping neighbors is what VerdeCares is all about and there are no charges for the volunteer services provided.
  • You want to stay in your home for as long as you can, VerdeCares is here to  help.
  • Caregiver to a family member, VerdeCares is here to help.
  • Planning, having or recovering from orthopedic surgery, VerdeCares is here to help.
  • Need assistance after a bicycle accident or fell and broke an arm or leg, VerdeCares is here to help.
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VerdeCares Inc.

18934 E. Avenida Del Ray

Suite 106

Rio Verde, AZ 85263

Phone: (480) 471-8944