VerdeCares Inc. is a nonprofit Arizona corporation that provides nonmedical care and assistance for community residents of the lower Verde Valley. The company's team provides trusted, confidential care.


VerdeCares caring support is offered through a team of trained community volunteers. Neighbors helping neighbors is what the company is all about and there are no charges for the volunteer services provided.


You want to stay in your home for as long as you can and you should. VerdeCares is here to help.

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VerdeCares deals with Coronavirus

VerdeCares volunteers are mastering the skills of dealing with a pandemic.  Help is only a call away.

Emergency Preparedness

Emergencies happen!  Are you prepared for a 911 call?  Learn about the teamwork between VerdeCares and the Rio Verde Fire District.

December 5, 2020
Pancake Breakfast

Visit us at the annual pancake breakfast provided by the Rio Verde Fire District

VerdeCares on Phoenix Ch. 5

Executive Director, Vicki Beseke, of VerdeCares receives Pay-It-Forward Award 


VerdeCares provides non-medical companion care, resource assistance, educational programs and professional support forums to our area residents.

Go to Services to learn about our many services.



Volunteers make a difference!

Generous and compassionate volunteers enrich the lives of our neighbors in the Verdes.

Go to Volunteering to learn how you can sign up to help our neighbors.



VerdeCares Inc. actively seeks tax deductible donations and bequests from supporters and residents of the Verde communities - just another way neighbors help neighbors. Company's ID Number is 27-1600105.

Go to Support Us to find out the many ways you can donate.



VerdeCares Inc.

18934 E. Avenida Del Ray

Suite 106

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Phone: (480) 471-8944

Email: vicki@verdecares.org



Thank you for donating to VerdeCares. You are helping to make a change in your own community, while,  giving back to those who are in need. 



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