Traveling During COVID-19 Pandemic

To date the Rio Verde community has been a safe harbor from COVID-19.  Except for the pains of isolation, social distancing, closed club houses and community facilities, our community has been very blessed.  The team at VerdeCares encourages you to consider delaying your departure for as long as possible this year.  But, if you must go, we will miss your smiling faces and offer several thoughts and some services to help you travel safely.
If you are travelling by air, check the flight and flight schedule frequently to ascertain that your flight is on time and has not been cancelled.  During you trip you will encounter up to five elevated risk situations.
  • Hired ground transportation to your departure airport
  • Activities while in the departure terminal
  • During your flight
  • Activities while in the destination terminal
  • Ground transportation to your final destination
Your risks are elevated in each of these situations because you’ll be in near proximity of others, other travelers and many public surfaces. For your safety you need to avoid touching your face, wear a cloth or other face mask, avoid close contact with others and keep your hands clean—we recommend carrying packets of tissues to contain your coughs and sneezes and, for air travel, several individually packaged hand sanitizer pads versus bottled hand sanitizer. 
If you are traveling by car:
  • You need to be alert to local government orders such as stay-at-home, mandated quarantines, business restrictions and other restrictions. For example, on some Native American lands you may encounter road closures or border checkpoints.
  • You need to pack some additional items. Soap and two gallons of water for washing hands and face, wash cloths, cleaning cloths, paper towels, hand sanitizer bottled and individual packets, tissues, plastic gloves, extra face masks (if necessary), zip lock bags to store masks and gloves.
  • You need to pack some extra food and drinking water in case restaurants and stores are closed in some areas of your trip.
  • Remember, all pit stops are risk stops—avoid close contact, touch very little, wash your hands and wear a face mask.
  • If you need to stay somewhere overnight make reservations ahead, and again, avoid close contacts, touch very little, wash your hands and wear a face mask. Clean and disinfect all surfaces and items in your room that you’ll be touching. Wash any unpackaged cups, plates and utensils before using.
If you feel sick or someone travelling with you feels sick before you start to leave Rio Verde, DON’T GO.
Here, in the Verdes you have an extraordinary Fire District, VerdeCares and access to world class medical facilities. When you start your trip sick, you’re discarding a tremendous medical asset and receiving similar medical attention enroute will be nearly impossible.
If you need help finding some of the supplies described above, contact the VerdeCares office for assistance.